Twinkle Toes

Private sessional Nursery

Price List

P/C/P Sessions  (Parent/carer must be present during these sessions)

Stay and play Tuesday to Thursday (Term-Time) ages 10 Months+ 9am till 12noon -£6.00 or £22.00 for 4 sessions.

Meet up & play Wednesday (Term-Time) from 10 month+ 9.30am till 11.30am -£4.50.

Parents & tots Group Friday (Term-Time) 0 to 5 years 9.30am till 12noon -£3.50 per session or £10 for 4 sessions.

Nursery Sessions  Term-Time Only

Standard Nursery Monday & Wednesday ages 2-5 9am till 12noon -£17.50.

Short Nursery Monday to Thursday ages 2-5 10am till 12noon -£14.50.

Crèche Thursday ages 1-2.5 years 10 am till 12 noon -£10.00 or £14.50 for 3 hours.

Prices are based on pre-booking—additional hours available -£4.50 per hour.

Play-Scheme Sessions Tuesday to Friday for dates available click here

Standard Play scheme ages 2–10 years 9am till 12noon -£14.50 (2nd sibling half price).

Short stay Play scheme ages 2-10 years 10am till 12noon -£10.00 (2nd sibling half price).