Twinkle Toes News letter - Spring is coming !!!

During† summer the children will be participating in topics such as growth and change, and mini beasts. We will be growing plants with the children and caring for them in our nursery garden. We will be accessing our exciting garden with many fun ways to learn about the world around them, exploring all our areas of play, water, sand ,digging area ,music and sensory area.


Term-Time Dates

Prior Summer Holidays

3rd Jan till 9th Feb 2018

19th Feb till 29th March

16th April till 4th May

8th May till 25th May

4th June till 25th July

Summer Holidays

We are now taking bookings so donít delay and contact us. Many thanks Mrs Tempest

Twinkle Toes

Private sessional Nursery

After Summer Holidays

3rd Sept till 26th Oct

5th Nov till 21st† Dec


Re opens

Tue 7th Jan till 15th Feb 2019

†25th Feb till 29th March

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